Coin Master Free Spins 2020

coin master free spins

All about coin master free spins game:

This is one of the most played games in on android phones, and not only on android but also on apple and windows phones. Many players of this game would normally want the tricks to be able to get the coin master free spins and coins, the coins will help you as a player to be able to build up the village you are in village to be the best in the world. This game has good graphics and it is not limited to age. The game will need your critical thinking to get the coin. I will be showing you how to get coins easily in this game. However, if you have never played this game before, don’t get worried, we are going first to look at how the game is played.

How is the game played?

The concept of the game is to get the coins so that you can build your village to be the very best of all, here is how the game is played;

  • Press the spin button with a red color of the machine, when you have pressed this, there will come a combination of three things on the machine
  • You can press the spin button more than once, every time the combination comes out, there is a reward for the combination, if the three objects that come out are identical, it means you will get a lot of coins.

Which combination gives you the best rewards?

There are combinations that will give you rewards that will help you earn more coins, some of these combinations include;

1. Three coins – this coins will be of much importance to your village, you will have more currency, if there appears on your machine three coins after you have clicked the red button you will be able to earn the coins, the value of the coins will increase as you climb the levels of the game. If you get more coins you will be able to move to the next level where you will have more coins.

2. Energy capsules – these will give you 10 more spins to be able to continue with the game even if your spins are over, there are three and blue in color.

3. Three shields – this will be very important of your village because for you to have a good village you will need to have protection just in case someone comes to attack your village. Getting these shields will not earn you cash but it will be better for your village because it can be a waste if you build your village and it gets destroyed by enemies, shields will prevent the destruction.

4. Three robber pigs – if you get these pigs, you can be able to rob in another village using them, if you intrude in another people’s village, you will be able to select three out of four marks that show up, and if they will have any treasure then you will be lucky.

5. Three coin pouches – if you receive this, you will have gotten the jackpot itself, and there will be more coins in doubles or even in triples.

How to get coin master free spins and coins?

Just follow the simple steps below:

  • To get the resources, must click “GET RESOURCES NOW!” button to open a new tab containing the spins and coins generator.
  • There are 2 option on the page that loads, there are for spins and coins generator. To see them you have to go down the page.
  • Depending on your choice or preferences, you should choose the resources that you want. Select it by clicking on the icon.
  • After choosing the most suitable option, an option below the resources will appear named “Generate Now!”, click on it.
  • From here you will be taken to the spins and coins generator page, this is where you will be given the resources.
  • The page will show what category of resources you have chosen (depend-on the generator you want). Click on the generate button. This will begin the process of creating the resources. The generator will take your located into consideration while processing the resources, so that they will match your area. The whole process will take about thirty seconds to finish and then you’ll be presented with the resources.
  • Clicking the “Verify Through Survey” option is the last step. Don’t worry it is perfectly safe, there’s no malware on this site, so you can get the resources. After get the resources, you can use them to unlock your resources. Depending on what you need, you can enter as many resources as you have.
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How can you earn free spins in this game?

There are very easy ways to make coin master free spins in this game; here are some of the ways you can use to get free coins in this game.

  • Create a card collection

You can create your card using a wooden chest; as a result the card will move you through the levels of the game, when you move through the levels you will get very many spins from those level, this will help increase your coins for actually no big effort.

  • Lucky spins

In this game you will occasionally get lucky spins, you just never know what you can get in these lucky spins, you can get free coins from this. These are free spins which are given by the game.

  • From daily bonus

These are the rewards that will be given to you after every 24 hours of the game. This is just another place you can get free spins. You will get a wheel to spin, in this spin you can earn coins ranging from 50,000 to 20 million depending on how lucky you can be. The most important thing is that you will get a grand spin.

  • Get gifts from friends

In this game you will get a chance to send and receive gifts from friends, these gifts can be in form of spins or money, if you want to get more spins for free you can ask your friend to send you some, if many of them send you the spins, you will have more coins to build the village.

  • Watch promotional videos

There are always some promotional videos that are brought to you especially when you are starting the game, these videos when watched will give you some free spins is a better way of getting free coins too.

  • Connect to Facebook groups

You can get a chance to get to Facebook using the link that is provided in the game, when you invite friends using this link, if these friends join, you will be able to get some certain amount of money, with this, and you can get free coins.


If you want to get real spins very fast then these are the methods you need to use. Sometimes you may be fooled thinking there are hacks, however, for this particular game; you can only use these methods to get coin master free spins and coins. The methods have focused on getting free spins, but you can get the methods which will help you get free coins, this will also increase your chances of earning more coins, you can get involved in special challenges to earn extra coins in this game. If you have many spins, you can also be able to convert them into coins from groups that are on reddit platform.